Mag. Miriam Weberstorfer

Ever since I can remember I have been passionate about ancient riddles and mysteries. My educational and personal experience since have lead me even deeper into the world of Ancient History, Archaeology and Anthropology.


Since my focus is set on the educational and pedagogical aspects of these fields, I have been gaining experience by working at many institutions as the University of Vienna, Science Pool or the Natural History Museum Vienna. Today, I am the founder of ArchäoNOW.


ArchäoNOW offers educationally valuable adventure games: a new and exciting way to learn about the historical city of Vienna. The players have the opportunity to discover Vienna in a fun and motivating way by working through mysteries and riddles, and thereby gaining knowledge at the same time.


The game offers variations suitable for all ages and degrees of prior knowledge, and has a wide array of difficulty levels. Regardless of whether the participants are pupils, students, adults, or from abroad, ArchäoNOW has the right adventure waiting for you!


Grab your researcher coat and start solving thrilling riddles!


Jaqueline Barié - Management & Communication


Anna Astner - Rally Guide

Olivia Böhm - Rally Guide

Raphaela Nistler - Rallye-Guide

Gloria Köfeler - Rally Guide

Emanuel Kaspar, MA MA - Consulting



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