FAQs - the most frequently asked questions

Questions about the riddle rallies

  • Who are riddle rallies for?

Whether "Wien-Nackerpatzl" or "Echter Wiener" - the questions and tasks are set in such a way that they are both challenging and entertaining for international guests and Viennese alike. Our riddle rallies are booked as a variety of events - birthdays, stag parties, school trips, team events, company parties or simply to spend an exciting time in downtown Vienna.

Our tours are suitable for people between 6 and 99 years.


  • How long does a riddle rally take?

The pure playing time of a tour is about 2 hours - with the game explanation and the evaluation we recommend to plan about 2.5 hours, with a subsequent award ceremony in a restaurant on request up to 3 hours.

The duration of the rally can be individualized with our rally building set.


  • Do I have to bring anything to the riddle rally?

Everything that is needed for the game is provided by us. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and food. We recommend comfortable shoes and clothes suitable for any weather.


  • In which language are the riddle rallies available?

All tours can be booked in German and English.


  • How does the team organization work? 

According to the customer's wishes - either the group itself chooses how the teams should be divided or we draw lots for the teams. 

The optimal group size is 4-6 people for our rallies, for the AR-Tour a maximum of 4 people can play in one team.


  • What happens after the game?

The game sheets are evaluated immediately afterwards, then the treasure chest is opened and the winning team is announced. The award ceremony can thus take place directly at the last station or in a restaurant of your choice. An award ceremony in a restaurant must be booked separately. We are happy to recommend locations and take care of the reservation.

For student specials, the results will be sent out regularly by e-mail.

Questions about booking

  • How can I book?

There are two possibilities - either an individual group appointment can be booked or you can buy tickets for our individual appointments directly at the person price (always FR & SA).


  • Is a booking request binding?

No - the online form is a non-binding booking request that helps us to provide you with an optimal offer. Only when you accept and confirm this offer will we send you an invoice, which also serves as a booking confirmation.


  • Can the group also contain less than 10 people?

No problem - the basic price for groups includes up to 10 people. It is also possible to book such a date for fewer participants.

For small groups and couples we offer weekly fixed dates (always FR & SA). You can find them here.

Questions about booked rallies

  •  How does the payment work?

As soon as you have fixed your appointment with us, you will receive a transfer invoice. This has to be paid within 14 days, in case of short-term appointments at the latest by the day of the event. Payment on site is NOT possible.


  • I would like to cancel the event

Cancellation is possible up to one week before the event date, whereby a cancellation fee of 50% of the total price as per order will be retained (or invoiced). In the last week before the event date, no cancellation is possible or the cancellation fee is 100% of the total price. More information can be found in our AGBs.


  • I have booked an event and want to postpone it

A postponement of the event date is possible free of charge until four weeks before the event, after that a handling fee of 15% of the total price will be charged. You can find more information in our AGBs.


  • What happens in bad weather?

Our riddle rallies take place in any weather.

Do you want to postpone your already booked event because of the weather? Then please let us know by phone or e-mail as soon as possible. 


  • A participant has fallen ill/failed, what can I do?

If a person should be absent (participants within the basic price are excluded here), we will gladly refund the person price in the form of a voucher. If you would like to take advantage of this, please send us an e-mail.


  • We are more participants than booked in advance, what to do?

Basically we are happy if more people than expected take part in the booked event. However, additional participants can only take part in the puzzle rallies if we expressly agree to their participation before the event begins.

Questions about children's birthday parties

  • As a parent, do I have to accompany the children's group(s)?

There must be one accompanying person in each team. The rally leader is always present on the course, looks after the groups and takes photos. If desired, one of the teams can also take over as supervisor. So if a supervisor is desired for a team, please let us know in advance. 


  • From what age can children's birthdays be booked? 

Our riddle rallies are generally suitable from reading age. For some groups of children, however, support in reading is helpful. 

Other issues

  • Can I keep the cotton bag / equipment?

No - both the equipment and the cotton bags are sustainably treated and reused by us. However, the cotton bags can be purchased additionally.


  • May I keep the game sheet?

No - our contents are protected by copyright and may not be distributed in any form. However, we do offer summaries of the content, which include the stations of the tours. Please contact the rally management directly on site or send us an e-mail and we will be happy to send you the summaries.


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