Vienna | History | Mystery

The city of Vienna is a mystery to you? The history, the dark sectrets and places intrique you? Discover your inner researcher and solve the mysteries of this city.
Explorer, mystery-lover or researcher - ArchäoNOW has the right adventure for you.


The Eerie Adventure

Hounted houses, places of executions and ancient crypts make Vienna the perfect place for hunting ghosts and vampires. Are you brave enough to face them? Then this adventure is for you. Goosebumps guaranteed.


The Mystery Adventure

Where does the famous "Krapfen" come from? How did mammoth bones surface below the Stephansplatz? Where was the first of many oh so famous Viennese coffeehouses opened? Join me in solving these and many more glorious mysteries of Vienna.


Whodunnit Workshop

Human remains tell us many stories of bygone times. Pupils get the chance to research and solve thrilling crimes. Learn how to detect small hints in human remains.