Haunted houses, places of executions and ancient crypts make Vienna the perfect place for hunting ghosts and vampires. Only few now can recount the gruesome events that have been taking place in Vienna since the Middle Ages.


   Price PUPILS
   (includes 20 pupils)
€ 200,00
 Every additional pupil  € 10,00
Teacher Free of charge
Trace-people Free of charge

*includes VAT 


The school version of the Spooky City offers educational value whilst allowing pupils to discover Vienna. The participants can experience the city in a fun and educational way.


Pupils will start off in teams to solve riddles on The Eery Adventure. Teams that solve the most mysteries will crack the hidden code at the end. Everything needed to take part in this Scavenger Hunt is provided at the start.


The score can be handed out straight away at a location on your choice (+20% of the total price) or sent to you via e-mail. All participants will receive personal certificates and a little surprise.


During the Scavenger Hunt all pupils are looked after.


Beware: Not for the fainthearted!


Age groups: For pupils from 13 years onwards

Duration: about 2 hours

Location: Stephansplatz, 1010 Vienna