Human remains tell us thrilling stories of bygone times. Unearthed bones reveal ancient ways of life, the age, sex, body height and illnesses of persons. Sometimes they even help us figure out the cause of death.


   (includes 10 pupils)
   € 238,00
   Every additional pupil
   € 15,00

*includes VAT


Pupils get the chance to research and solve thrilling crimes. Learn how to detect small hints in human remains, using the same techniques anthropologists, forensic scientists and criminologists use everyday.


Sounds like the right thing for you? Then grab your researcher coat and start solving crimes!


Dates and times for the Whodunit Workshop can be set individually and take place at your school. Everything needed for this workshop is provided; a classroom or workshop needs to be supplied by your school.


All participants will receive personal certificates.



Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

Location: at your school (in Vienna and its neighbourhood)


Spiegelgasse 23/1/6a, 1010 Wien

Bürozeiten: MO-FR 10:00-16:00 Uhr

Tel.: (+43) 1 5123805