(includes 10 kids)
   € 300,00
   Every additional kid
   €  20,00

*includes VAT


  • Individual consultation and organisation of the event
  • Game explanation on site
  • Personal support during the entire rally
  • Evaluation of the game sheets with team ranking
  • Award ceremony
  • Personal certificate for all participants
  • A little something from the treasure chest
  • Present for birthday child
  • Photos


Where does the famous "Krapfen" (sweet dumpling, Austrian speciality) come from? How did mammoth bones surface under the Stephansplatz? Where was the first of many oh so famous Vienna coffee houses opened? Join us in solving these and many more glorious mysteries of Vienna.


Team building exercises, staff outings, birthday parties, stag nights or just because Vienna is awesome. The city of Vienna is worth a closer look. ArchäoNOW will introduce you to a city with many faces and fascinating episodes.


The riddle rally will lead you through medieval alleys you can discover ancient tales. Lead the way through this Mystery Adventure.


You will start off in teams to solve riddles on The Mystery Adventure. Only teams that solve the most mysteries will crack the hidden code at the end. Everything needed to take part in this Scavenger Hunt is provided at the start.


The score can be handed out straight away at a location on your choice (+50€) or sent to you via e-mail. All participants will receive personal certificates and a little surprise.


Dates and times can be set individually.


Age groups: from 11 years onwards

Duration: 2-2.5 hours

Location: Stephansplatz, 1010 Vienna


Spiegelgasse 23/1/6a, 1010 Wien

Bürozeiten: MO-FR 10:00-16:00 Uhr

Tel.: (+43) 1 5123805