"The most beautiful thing we can experience is mystery." - Albert Einstein

Service Team Event

  • Consulting and organization
  • On-site game explanation
  • Personal support during the entire rally
  • Evaluation of the game sheets
  • Little something from the treasure chest
  • Personal certificate for all participants
  • Photos



Basic price
(includes 10 persons)
from € 300,00
 Price per additional person  from € 25,00
Award ceremony in a restaurant of your choice from € 50,00

*includes VAT


In our riddle rallys, the participants have to answer a variation of questions, solve puzzles and complete tasks within a given time frame. Teams are formed which can also compete against each other. For each solved task they receive points. The team that collects the most points wins. In addition to the team-building aspects of the tours, the focus is also on the cultural aspect.

In concrete terms, this can be imagined in this way: After an animating game explanation, the teams go straight on a riddle hunt on old Roman paths, through creepy horror stories, the Viennese coffee house culture, past the highlights of the former imperial city. At the end a code word is cracked to open the mysterious treasure chest. The subsequent award ceremony rounds off the event perfectly.


What distinguishes ArchäoNOW is its strong background in education, science and event management. We combine play with cultural mediation and breathe new life into history(s). A good measure of knowledge transfer, mysterious puzzles and exciting challenges packed into a high-quality designed setting - that is what our participants can expect.


The fun factor is crucial for good teamwork. Especially international groups can get to know each other in a fun way through our puzzle rallies. Motivating for all participants are team events where everyone can contribute something. It is important for us to set different tasks that appeal to a variety of team members. Satisfied employees who can contribute their strengths are the best prerequisite for good work performance and results. This requires a common corporate goal that everyone is working towards. In our puzzle hunts, the goal is very clear: to crack the code word. Getting to the bottom of a story in a team, which moves and emotionally grips, creates a shared experience - and when everyone sits together in the evening at the award ceremony, even a shared sense of achievement. And the real team building happens anyway during a meal or a drink at the bar.


Whether "Wien-Nackerpatzl" or "Echter Wiener" - the questions and tasks are set in such a way that they are both challenging and entertaining for both international guests and Viennese companies.

One person takes the lead, one reads and writes, another holds the smartphone or opens the envelopes - this requires different characters. Those who solve tricky puzzles, someone with good orientation, someone with good text comprehension, the hands-on personalities or quieter people who can listen very carefully: So everyone can contribute their personal strengths in a variety of ways.


We offer team events from a group size of 10 people upwards, whereby we can host up to 250 people in Vienna city centre at the same time.


Thousands of participants with the most diverse backgrounds, languages and age groups have already embarked on puzzle hunts with ArchaeoNOW.


The satisfaction of our customers is important to us. We are constantly striving to develop and improve our programs in order to offer our participants the best possible (game) experience.

On TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook ArchaeoNOW is recommended and rated 5 out of 5 stars. Our customers praise us especially for the attention to detail, the level of content and the professional support.


The Augmented Reality Tour

On our interactive riddle rally, resurrect buildings that have disappeared, solve a historical murder case and follow in Mozart's footsteps. For the first time, this tour allows you to experience Vienna's city centre with the help of state-of-the-art Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

The Secrets of the Old City

An adventurous journey back in time to old Vienna. Whether legendary buildings, narrow medieval streets or the remains of the Roman legion camp - every place tells stories of times long past. The best thing is to actively go on a mystery hunt yourself.

Viennese Highlights & the Coffehouse Culture

This riddle rally has its own special charm, because those who follow in the footsteps of exciting city stories of former Vienna experience the splendor of old days. The story of "Kipferl" and "Krapfen" is explored as well as the question of where to meet the most famous personalities over a cup of coffee. Vienna's charming highlights are just waiting to be discovered.

The Spooky City

Haunted houses, places of executions and ancient crypts make Vienna the perfect place for hunting ghosts and vampires. Are you brave enough to face them? Then this adventure is for you. Goosebumps guaranteed.


Love, lust and passion have always been writ large in the sex metropolis of Vienna. Embark on an erotic search for clues through the city centre in this riddle rally.


Expand the riddle rallies with multiple challenges!